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Marc Abernathy | academic-editing
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Marc Abernathy     +49 (0) 177 7262571



My editing work gets my clients published, accepted, and funded. This work includes substantially revising manuscripts, editing response letters, making research statements clear, advising on funding applications, and formatting references and bibliographies to journal style.


I specialize in fast turnaround time for authors working on tight deadlines, and I am extremely responsive to client follow-up questions and requests to re-review rewritten text passages that result from my edits.


My mission is also simple: I want my clients to say, “I will never submit any important proposal, paper, or text without having Marc edit it first.”


I improve internal logic of sentences and paragraphs and help you find elegant ways to say what you want to. I am not, however, a proofreader, and my level of editing is higher and more intensive than most authors are used to. The lowest level of editing I offer is “medium” and the highest level is “substantial,” also known as developmental editing. I often substantially rewrite text, suggest and query authors about meaning, and aim to understand authors’ intentions and help them to express those intentions as clearly as possible. I always work from the perspective that my job is to express what authors wanted to say but didn’t know how, and to get them published and funded, which often requires significant changes.


I offer clients two valuable services that they cannot find elsewhere: fast turnaround time and substantial editing of their work, if it needs it. My editing is at one of three levels:


MEDIUM (“It’s almost ready to be submitted.”)
HEAVY (“It’s halfway between the first and final draft.”)
SUBSTANTIAL (“I need all the help you can give.”)


I also offer rush service with 24-hour turnaround time available for editing projects of up to 2,500 words.