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A longtime collaboration helping academic writers

Since 2015, I've been working with TH Köln as a workshop trainer and course instructor. In four-day workshops twice a semester, I teach professors, lecturers, academic staff, and students how to write clear and compelling academic texts. Using participants’ own work and other published articles, I teach them how to edit their own texts and give useful feedback on their peers’ writing. Other workshop sessions include the importance of arguments and how to craft them; using arguments to write clear sentences and solid paragraphs; how to integrate evidence to support arguments and emphasize key points; how to structure and restructure texts; and how to revise their written work to meet journal standards.

Workshops & staff training

In 2015 and 2016, I trained 11 university HR staff to recruit, interview, and hire new international professors and staff in English. We created scripts and practiced recruiting and hiring scenarios, and developed vocabulary and explanations about employee benefits; work

TH Köln

contracts; pay scales; and legal, tax, and hiring requirements in the German university system. I translated university hiring forms and information sheets and created hiring-process workflows in English to match the forms, sheets, and workflows in German. I also wrote a frequently asked questions and additional-resources leaflet for external candidates.

Teaching & lecturing

At TH Köln's Center for Teaching Development, I taught English to internal university academic coaches so they could advise professors and staff as part of the “Excellence in Teaching” program. I translated vocabulary to describe teaching concepts and methods and taught the coaches how to talk about learner outcomes and needs, teaching concepts and methods, and teaching portfolios and student progress. We created scripts and dialogues to help them practice coaching and build confidence and fluency.

At TH Köln's Cologne Game Lab, I taught students in the Digital Games BA program how to write essays about assigned written work and game-development projects, helped them develop game characters and stories, and taught them how to document their work steps. Trained students to give presentations—how to distill their messages and structure them clearly, how to use body language and movement when presenting in front of audiences, and how to match their slide content with the spoken portion of their presentation.