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Satisfied client

“Hello Mr. Abernathy, Thank you so much for your help – The paper is accepted!...Best wishes and thank you.”

Editing client

University of Innsbruck

(March 2019)

"Hi Marc, I’ve just finished working through your edit – thank you for your very diligent work! Next to enjoying your beautifully crafted sentences I enjoyed reading your explanations on why specific formulations or words are appropriate given this specific context. This served as an excellent lecture in English writing."

Editing client,

University of Cologne

(March 2017)

Smiling client
Happy Client

“Hi Marc, after working myself through the paper and your comments I am convinced that you are the only one that has ever read this paper with a brain... thank you so much...P.S. I have a position as PhD open at my chair. Do you want to have it :-))”

Editing client

Technische-Universität Chemnitz

(February 2019)


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International Journal of Hospitality Management
The Drama Review
Journal of Vocational Behavior
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AOM Journal
Die Unternehmung
Leadership Journal
European Journal for Sport and Society
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
British Journal of Management
AOM Proceedings
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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
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