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Researching Research: Collaborative Research Projects

A call for promoting interdisciplinary, multi-method and internationally oriented research projects that bring together expertise from disciplines that research on research. The aim is to develop new knowledge and strategies for science and higher education policy.

Application deadline: 15 February 2023

Overview and aims

This funding scheme seeks collaborative projects of research on research, involving researchers from any disciplines or fields associated with this objective. International collaborations are encouraged as are a variety of perspectives, research methods, and methodological approaches.

Applicant eligibility

Postdocs working at a German university or research institute. International collaborators are eligible.

Field of research

Any disciplines that conduct research on research


up to 4 years

Evaluation criteria

  • A research question significantly relevant to current debates and research on research

  • An innovative project with a novel research question

  • A sound project design with a high level of scientific quality

  • An original, coherent, and interdisciplinary research design that combines methodological approaches

  • Highly qualified researchers with expertise on the topic

  • An internationally oriented research team that includes a variety of career stages


Up to €1.5 million

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