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Challenges and Potentials for Europe: "Intergenerational Futures"

A research call designed to provide fresh perspectives on the challenges of an aging European society, this international consortia funding scheme seeks to cross physical, disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

Application deadline: 14 December 2022

Overview and aims

The aim of this grant is for collaborative research teams in at least three different European countries from the humanities, social, and cultural sciences to help advance research on demographic change.

Applicant eligibility

Applications must be part of a consortia involving three to five principal investigators from at least three different European countries. The main applicant has to be a member of a German university/research institution, and a maximum of two PIs can come from the same country.

Field of research

Lead researchers need to come from the humanities, cultural, and social sciences, with possible collaboration with researchers from the natural, life, data, and technological sciences


up to 4 years

Evaluation criteria

Essential criteria include

  • an innovative research question linked to demographic change in Europe

  • top-level, transformative research

  • clear methodology and strong theoretical framework

  • highly feasible

  • equal partnerships

  • strong capacity-building and involvement of junior researchers

  • a convincing concept that can disseminate knowledge and inform policy


A minimum of three and a maximum of five PIs from at least three different European countries. At least one of the PIs must be a member of a German university or research institution.


A maximum of €1 million for three partners; a maximum of €1.2 million for four partners; and a maximum of €1.5 million for five partners

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