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Marc Abernathy | faqs
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Marc Abernathy     +49 (0) 177 7262571
“Do you work on the weekend?”

I do if requested, but these days are not included in the quoted turnaround times, which are in business days. You can get your manuscript returned faster, though: For each day sooner you need your manuscript returned, add 25% to the standard price.



You submit a 6,000-word manuscript for a substantial edit on Thursday. The turnaround time for this project is 5 business days, which means a return the following Thursday. If you want that manuscript returned on Tuesday, add 50% to the quoted price.

“What is your quickest turnaround time?”

For projects of up to 2,500 words—no matter what level of editing—I offer a 24-hour (or less) turnaround time.

“Do you offer a basic/light editing service?”

No. There are plenty of editing services that offer this level of editing. My specialty is a higher editing level, specifically substantial editing. The lowest level of editing I offer is a medium edit. See more about editing levels here.

“Who decides on the editing level: me or you?”

Unless you tell me otherwise, I will edit your manuscript as needed, which guarantees that your document is edited at the highest possible standard and presents your research in the best light. I understand, though, that some authors need to carefully watch their budgets, so you can also set a limit on the editing intensity when you submit.

“How do I submit my manuscript?”

Send me an email at and I will personally confirm receipt and turnaround time.

“How do you price? Can I submit projects separately and ‘bundle’ the word count for one invoiced project?”

No. I price per submitted project because as soon as I receive a project I start editing. This means that the clock starts for each submitted project immediately so that I can return your manuscript to you on or before your deadline.

“How do you calculate word count?”

Word count is the number of words in the text, excluding the works-cited/reference list (which can also be formatted and edited on request), as calculated by the Microsoft Word word-count function. Word count also includes footnotes and end notes. Tables and figures can be excluded or included, depending on the request. To account for in-text references, I reduce the text word count by 1% for the final word-count calculation.

“Do your prices include reference formatting?”

No. To have references formatting according to journal style guides and preferences (in text and list/bibliography), add €200 for documents up to 10,000 words and €300 for documents 10,001 words and over.

“What is your default style guide for editing?”

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). Other style guides can be requested, including APA, Oxford, or specific journal styles.

“Do you edit in British English and American English?”

Yes. Please specify the English style you would like when submitting.

“What are business hours?”

From Monday to Thursday, 9:00 to 17:00, Friday, 9:00 to 15:00, Central European Time. Any projects submitted after 12:00 will be considered as arriving on the next business day (for purposes of turnaround time).

“When does the turnaround clock start?”

The turnaround time is calculated based on whether you submit before 12:00 or after 12:00. For documents submitted before 12:00, that day counts as one of the turnaround days. Documents submitted after 12:00 are counted as being submitted on the following day. For example, standard turnaround time for a 250-word document at a medium editing level is 3 business days. If you submit at 10:30 on Monday, the document will be returned on or before Thursday at 10:30.

“What value do your services offer to an author?”

The level of editing and feedback you get from my work is not the same as that you get from other editing services. It’s much higher. Each job is read through and edited at least three times (sometimes up to five times), and considering that the price for all edited projects includes free phone consultation to ask questions and to look at rewritten passages (up to 500 words) without any extra charge, that’s a level of service that I haven’t seen on the market.  I am able to offer these services because I don’t outsource my work, so I know every line of your text and can answer questions about why these changes were made. I am your single point of contact and support throughout the editing and submission process. Considering that all of these services are included in the editing price, the value and service I offer to authors is incredibly high.

“What is so special about your rush service?”

The level of editing that I do (I specialize in heavy and substantial edits and rewrites and rush jobs) requires intense concentration and energy to give you the best possible edit. When you request a last-minute edit, you get the same level of editing as in projects with normal turnaround time. That level of editing requires an even greater level of energy to meet the same quality standards in a compressed time frame. Rush editing jobs also require me to rearrange and clear my schedule to accommodate your request. The speed of my turnaround time is one that I haven’t found anywhere else on the market, and I’m glad that I can offer 24-hour turnaround time on manuscripts of 2,500 words or less, and extremely fast turnaround time for all other word counts. I’m happy to be your on-call advisor, and I think this advantage and benefit to you has a value.

“But you don’t have a PhD.”

You’re right. And the edits, changes, and comments you get from me will not speak to the literature or the methods or what might be missing from your review and theory. What it will include is how to better communicate what you are doing and why editors should say “yes” and publish your submission or why a review committee should fund your project. Many competitors promise that their editors are also PhDs, but my response is that you are the research expert and I am the writing expert. You should be able to find other resources—from your advisor to department colleagues—who can help you answer these questions. What these advisors and colleagues may not be able to do is to help you say what you want to say.

“What payment options do you offer?”

For new clients referred to me by existing clients, I invoice for the project after I return it to you, with payment expected within 15 days of receipt of the invoice. For new clients not referred by existing clients, I require payment in advance for project at the expected editing level and turnaround time, with an invoice or reimbursement—depending on the final editing level and costs—once the project has been completed and returned.  At the moment, I only offer the possibility to pay by bank transfer. I am currently exploring other payment options for clients within and outside Europe.