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ERC Synergy Grant 2023

ERC Synergy Grants are designed for researchers who want to address a research problem so ambitious that it needs at least two PIs and research groups to tackle.

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Application deadline: 8 November 2022

Overview and aims

The aim of this grant is for a minimum of two and a maximum of four PIs to work together and bring their different skills sets together to address ambitious research problems.

Applicant eligibility

Two to four PIs, one of which will be the corresponding PI (cPI). PIs need to have an early achievement track-record or a ten-year track-record, whichever is most appropriate. No specific eligibility criteria regarding the academic training .

Field of research



6 years

Evaluation criteria

The sole criterion for the Synergy Grant is scientific excellence, which here means outstanding intrinsic synergies. Proposed research carried out by a single PI working alone is not eligible.

Proposals will be evaluated in a three-stage process by international peer reviewers, with in-person interviews in Brussels for the proposal teams that have made it to the (final) stage three.


PI research needs to be conducted at a public or private research organization (Host Institution, HI) in any EU Member State or Associated Country. One PI per Synergy Grant group can come from outside the EU or Associated Countries. UK PIs and research institutions are eligible.


€10 million maximum, with up €4 million additional funding possible to cover eligible start-up costs, major equipment purchases, and access to large facilities.

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