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Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Winter School 2022

I returned to the LBG Winter School in 2022 to help 14 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers structure their written research texts, develop and refine their arguments, and manage the writing and feedback process.


The LBG Winter School is a model for the kind of intensive workshops and training that researchers desperately need. The Winter School trains researchers to write about and present their research, shows them what the publication process looks like from a journal editor's desk, and expands their network of peers and colleagues.


As a speaker at the retreat's introductory plenary session, I talked about what it's like to see manuscripts from an editor's perspective, talked about what developmental editing is, and gave advice about how researchers can revise their own journal articles to improve their chances of having them published.

I led two workshop sessions: one on realistic planning and goal-setting - "The big-goal-setting trap and how to avoid it" -

and one on soliciting and incorporating feedback - "On the same page"

Microtasks session.png
Feedback-on the same page session.png

I also held individual one-hour writing coaching sessions with each participant to give them editorial feedback on their writing projects, help them overcome their challenges and blocks, and help them develop a plan to complete their work.

Learn more about the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft here.

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