Live on-screen editing

In live on-screen editing, you send me your text. I review it and make notes and suggestions, send it back to you, and then we schedule an online video call. During the call, I suggest how to improve your text, point out potentially confusing passages and sentences, and share ideas for what to do next.

Live on-screen editing

Together, we'll make your text better

How does it work?

Online meeting


You send me your text. I review, edit and comment on it. Then, I send it back to you and we schedule a video call.


We talk out the changes via Zoom. We'll work on rephrasing, restructuring, planning your revisions, figuring out where you're not expressing yourself clearly and how to fix it.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as needed to get your text just where it needs to be.

Carlos's multifunctional fungi: A case study in live on-screen editing 

Carlos, a Humboldt Fellow and biology postdoc at the Freie-Universität-Berlin, had a very rough draft of a paper on multifunctional fungi that he wanted to publish soon. Rather

Dynamic editing.png

than submitting his manuscript for a developmental edit before submitting it to a journal, he wanted some early feedback and editing before he continued work and shared the late-stage draft with his colleagues.

He sent me a link to the Google Doc on Thursday morning and I spent 4.5 hours editing, reviewing, and making comments. Carlos followed my changes, saw my comments, and even revised a bit of the text as I was editing.

Dynamic editing 3.png

On Friday we had our Zoom call, and talked through the changes and edits I made to the first two pages. There was more work to be done, but Carlos had a budget, and our 1.5 hours of Zoom time, along with my offline edits, added up to 6 hours - his limit for live editing. We made sure to prioritize the most important sections of the paper during our Zoom call, and Carlos said that

Dynamic editing 5.png

the work we did was more than enough to help him continue. The live editing gave him some new ideas and inspiration, and he felt confident that he could keep working and revising on his own.

Ready for your first live-editing session? 

Still not sure?

Five reasons to choose live editing


You need help now

Your deadline is approaching and you still haven't made progress. I'm here to help you fix your text and complete your application.


Your problem is specific

The books and other online resources don't address your specific problem or they give you vague or conflicting answers.


This one's important

This paper, this funding application, would really boost and advance your career. You need it to be perfect.


You're on a budget

You control every penny of live-editing costs because you control every hour you book. We can do a lot in one hour, and per €, you get a lot of value.


You need it fast

The quickest turnaround time possible for a developmental edit is 24 hours. With live editing, you get a better-written text in just hours.