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Marc Abernathy | medium-edit
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MEDIUM EDIT (“It’s almost ready to be submitted.”)


Medium-level edits are for texts in near-final form. These texts have been read through and edited by the author or co-authors; the writing is mostly clear; and arguments and ideas have been questioned, answered, addressed, and developed. The medium-level edit serves as a final pre-submission check to ensure that any changes made during editing rounds (such as passages rewritten in response to editor and reviewer comments) have been smoothly incorporated and that the internal logic of sentences, paragraphs, and sections is clear and integrated. Expect more comments—designed to check understanding, make minor wording suggestions, and confirm meaning—and less markup in a medium-level edit.


Example of a medium-level edit  


Example of a medium-level edit on one sentence, before and after:


The secondary appraisal is the evaluation of the resources and options to cope with dangerous stressors, and in consequence, the stress reaction.


The secondary appraisal evaluates both the resources and options available to individuals to cope with dangerous stressors and how they react to that stress.