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Marc Abernathy | substantial-edit
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SUBSTANTIAL EDIT (“I need all the help you can give.”)


Last-minute, rushed, thrown together. That’s how texts that need substantial editing and rewriting look, read, and feel. Authors who need a substantial edit are frequently late-stage PhD students who have not yet mastered the art of saying what they want to say in English. Style is absent; ideas are not clear or developed; wording is indirect. As an editor I often have to search for meaning, claim, and even main point. Internal logic and organization have not been double-checked (or even checked at all). Terminology is inconsistent. Lucky for you, this type of editing is my specialty. Be prepared for extensive markup, many comments and questions, and lots of changes. The document you get back, though, will be unbelievably clearer and after a few final changes from you, will be ready to submit.


Example of a substantial edit  


Example of a substantial-level edit on one sentence, before and after:


As we contribute to research on the sharing economy that represents a setting of pervasive economic and societal impact, we encourage further research to dig deeper in how such organizations govern their communities e.g., as response to humanitarian crisis.


Since this study contributes to research on the sharing economy, which represents a setting of pervasive economic and societal impact, we hope it encourages further research to more deeply investigate how such organizations govern their communities, which may help organizations outside of the sharing economy better respond to events such as a humanitarian crisis.