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Marc Abernathy | writing-coaching
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Marc Abernathy     +49 (0) 177 7262571

Writing coaching can make you a better, more productive writer. All for just €90.



Do you struggle to discover your main ideas and then express them in words? If so, you’re not alone. My writing coaching clients come to me all the time with the same problem. Despite being experts in their field, most researchers and academics have not been properly trained in principles of writing. If motivating yourself to start writing and maintain the motivation and urgency are hard for you, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up for a free writing coaching session today and let me show you how to express your ideas clearly, choose the right words, and find your own personal writing style. As a writing coach, my role is to be your adviser, partner, and idea co-developer. Writing coaching is affordable, focused, targeted, and personalized. My goal: get your grant and funding proposals accepted, get your papers published in your target journals, and get your research highly cited.



You are a writer, even if you don’t want to be



Researchers have to be good writers. Chances are, you need to be a better one. For your ideas to have the impact you want them to and to be part of the conversation, you first have to communicate your ideas clearly. Clearly written ideas and well-crafted arguments get papers published and research proposals funded.



Today is the day



Your first hour of writing coaching is free. Sign up today by scheduling a free session here. Stop staring at blank screens, looking out the window, procrastinating, and wondering why another non-productive day has passed you by. Let’s work together to get your ideas, sentences, and paragraphs written so clearly that they communicate exactly the message you want them to. A no-risk, no-strings-attached free hour of writing coaching is wating for you, and it can lead to less-invasive reviews, shorter review times, and faster publication. If that is your goal, let’s talk today.



The benefits of writing coaching



  • Find your essential main message, the one you consider the most important, and discover how to communicate it clearly
  • Choose the right words to express what you mean
  • Find the words to emphasize, compare, contrast, and highlight
  • Say what you want to in fewer words with more style
  • Get answers to your most pressing and important questions in a low risk environment. Ask questions you are embarrassed to ask your adviser or colleagues
  • Uncover writing and style rules that you did not know existed or are not clear to you
  • Overcome your writing anxiety and fears and move past procrastination
  • Transform your outlines and notes into solid working drafts



What writing coaching can do for you



Is your thinking all over the map? Don’t worry. I will help you organize your tangled thoughts and put them in writing, working with you to craft solid sentences that express what you want. Using your own words, we will draft polished first sentences, clarify main ideas, map out relationships, identify where you need more support, and ask the important “why” and “so what” questions that get you to good answers and good writing.


I will help you plan, draft, and revise well before you get to a late-stage draft; help you finish your writing; and motivate you every step of the way.



A small investment with a high payoff



Is this your first time publishing as a first author? Have you published between one and five papers in your entire career? If so, writing coaching is particularly for you. The clients who benefit most from writing coaching are academic writers who need help during the critical planning and early drafting stages. Many authors make mistakes in these critical stages that waste valuable time and create problems down the line. I can save you hours of headache and frustration by putting your writing on a solid foundation and giving you the tools and confidence to be an independent and effective writer. Sign up for writing coaching today. A free hour is an invaluable investment in your career.



How does it work?



Zoom, Skype, or your preferred videoconferencing venue is our online meeting room. I’ll ask you about your research topic and aims and you will share with me some writing samples or recent drafts. As we talk and as I read, we will uncover the core of your research, your motivation, your message, and your contribution. I’ll be taking detailed notes as we talk and will send them to you at the end of the session. These notes will be a rich and valuable source of ideas—starting points that will form the foundation of your first, second, or later-stage drafts.


Sign up for a free writing coaching session with me today to get answers to your most pressing, persistent, and stickiest questions. I’ll give you answers that you can’t find in books, blogs, articles, or grammar or spellcheckers. I’ll help you overcome your writer’s block, conquer your paralyzing fear of writing, and help you develop your personalized plan for writing. Sign up now.


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