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My goal for all workshop participants is that they identify their individual writing challenges, learn strategies for overcoming them, and become more independent and productive writers. These are the goals I've helped PhD students, postdocs, junior professors, and staff at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft in Vienna, and TH Köln achieve.


The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Winter School 2022

I work with leading researchers who are experts in their field but who struggle to express their research in writing. I want workshop participants to leave with a text that is better structured and has a clearer focus and argument, and with a strategy for how to improve it. Ideally, I want participants to leave with a healthier approach to writing, one that is less anxiety inducing and more productive. I want them to walk away with strategies for identifying what's not working in their text and how to improve it themselves. To me, a workshop is about working, not passively listening. In every workshop, I always request time for individual writing-coaching sessions, because each researcher has unique writing challenges, and needs different tools and advice to keep moving forward. I believe this approach is one that leads to the greatest improvements in academic writing.

Below are some highlights from my recent workshops

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